Game Management Checklist

Game Management Checklist


  1. Your team must have a medical bag on the bench at the beginning of EVERY game. Please work with you coach on this item. If the officials find that you do not have a medical bag on the bench, the team could be given a bench minor penalty.
  2. The first aid kit shall contain the following recommended items: 
  • Band aids – 1 dozen of various shapes and sizes 
  • White medical tape – At least 1 roll 
  • Scissors 
  • Cold packs. AT least 3 
  • Gauze – 1 roll or 10 packs 
  • Rubber/Surgical Gloves – at least 1 pair


As the team manager you are required (*) to bring a number of items to every game. To make your job easier, we recommend that you put together a binder that includes the following items. You also can create a digital (Google folder) of these items.

All Teams:

  1. Every Player's Birth Certificate
  2. USA Hockey Roster
  3. Every Player's Consent to Treat form
  4. Contact info for opposing team coaches and managers
  5. Contact info for SISU Thunderbirds Board Members

10U & Above

  1. Scoresheets (Handed out at MO Hockey Scheduling meeting)
  2. Roster Stickers (10U and above)

Rather than fill out your roster and coach information on every score sheet, you should make roster stickers.  

Cost of stickers can come out of your team fees. You will need 3 roster per game (including friendlies, dec games, regular season, playoffs and tournament games).

3. Pens, scratch paper

4. Directions for filling out score sheet


Prior to each home game 

1. Schedule a scorekeeper and clock manager.

Many teams take a practice to teach every parent on the team how to use the score clock, so everyone feels comfortable to volunteer for this job. An experienced hockey parent can help the team learn these roles.

2. Teams will also need a volunteer to open penalty box door. This is also needed at away games and tournament games.

3. It is best to make a schedule and have every family take a turn. 

Many teams have used a volunteer sign up website to do this or assign parents to each home game, so everyone takes a turn.

Score Sheets

  1. Apply your team's roster stickers
  2. Find visiting team manager and apply their roster stickers
  3. Have both teams' coaches sign score sheet

After the game

1. Refs will sign score sheet

2. Get the score sheet back from your volunteer

3. Give pink copy to visiting team manager.

4. Keep yellow copy

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