Vertical Raise

Vertical Raise

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Vertical Raise, a cutting-edge fundraising platform that offers digital discount cards featuring over 775,00 deals nationwide

Here's how it works: 

  1. Fundraiser Details
  • Each team within our organization will host a 21-day virtual fundraiser
  • We'll be selling $25 digital discount cards, packed with exclusive deals at restaurants, hotels, shops, entertainment venues, and more! 
  • These digital cards are GPS-activated, ensuring that discounts are always relevant to the cardholder's current location. 
  1. Supporting Our Program
  • 70% of all sales will be redirected back to our program. 
  • Every participating family will have 100% of their proceeds applied to their travel bills and fees. 
  1. Important Dates
  • Our 2024-25 Digital Discount Card Fundraiser kicks off on Wednesday, June 12th and concludes on Monday, July 3rd
  1. Onboarding Sessions
  • Each team in the program will have a 30-minute onboarding session with our dedicated Vertical Raise representative. 
  • These sessions will be scheduled during the team fitting that will take place in June at Chiller North, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone. 

Join us in this exciting initiative to support our teams and reduce costs for our families!

Justin Camuto

Territory Sales Representative

(513) 953-9780

Here's a breakdown of how the Vertical Raise Digital Discount Card Fundraiser works:

Here's a concise breakdown of how the Vertical Raise Digital Discount Card Fundraiser works: 

Fundraiser Launch

  • Every season, all teams in the program participate in a 21-day Digital Discount Card Fundraiser
  • Parents create profiles and input email addresses and phone numbers of potential supporters within their network. 

Contact Outreach

  • The Vertical Raise platform sends personalized messages to the selected contacts, inviting them to participate in the digital discount card program. 
  • Each $25 discount card sold directly benefits the family responsible for the sale. 

Card Benefits

  • These digital discount cards are valid for 365 days from the time of purchase. 
  • The app uses GPS activation, ensuring that the deals available are always relevant to the cardholder's current location. 

Financial Impact

  • 70% of all proceeds from sales are redirected back to the program. 
  • At the end of the fundraiser, families receive a report detailing the amount they generated. 
  • This credit is then applied to their family account, helping to lower costs for the season. 

Privacy Assurance

  • Rest assured, Vertical Raise will not sell or share any person's contact information. 

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