Player Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Actions

As a player, you are expected to adhere to the following guidelines. Non-compliance may result in disciplinary actions: 

Dress Code 

  • Players should arrive and leave in dress pants and a polo shirt at a minimum. 
  • Dress-style shorts are acceptable during the summer months.
  • Pre-Game Stretch: Thunderbirds Shirt Shorts (Summer) Thunderbirds Jogger Pant and Jacket Fall/ Winter) (no Crocs, slide, flip flops, or dress shoes)


  • Punctuality for practices and games is mandatory. 

Disciplinary Action: Tardiness may result in a reduction in ice time. 

Responsibility for Gear 

  • Ensure you have all the necessary gear and are ready to play. 

Skill Improvement 

  • Strive to improve your skills through diligent practice. 

Disciplinary Action: Lack of effort may result in a reduction in ice time. 

Game Preparation 

  • Detailed preparation fosters confidence. This includes rest, nutrition, mental & physical investment, focus/re-focus, etc. 
  • Ice time is a responsibility. If you want more ice time, be accountable, responsible, and learn to make the coach play you. 

Team First Approach 

  • Prioritize the team's interests over individual ones. 

Language and Behavior 

  • Avoid using abusive, derogatory, or racially charged language during any team function. 
  • Bullying will not be tolerated. 

Disciplinary Action: 

  • Minor offenses will receive a verbal warning. 
  • Repeated offenses will result in a one-period suspension. 
  • Use of derogatory and racially charged language may lead to a season-long suspension. 
  • Serious offenses (e.g., assault, destruction of private property) may warrant immediate action. 

Conflict Resolution 

  • In case of a conflict with another player, seek mediation through the coaching staff. 

Disciplinary Action: 

  • Minor conflicts will be addressed through mediation and counseling. 
  • Serious conflicts may result in a suspension ranging from one to four games. 

Respecting Officials 

  • Respect the decisions made by officials and refrain from arguing. 

Disciplinary Action: Arguing with officials will result in an automatic one-game suspension. 


  • If penalized, proceed directly to the penalty box. 

Disciplinary Action: Players who consistently receive penalties may see a reduction in ice time during key situations. 

Temper and Behavior 

  • Exercise control over your temper, behavior, and language. Refrain from verbal outbursts and displaying negative body language. Remember, mental strength is key to maintaining composure. 
  • Avoid engaging in fights or disruptive behavior. 

Disciplinary Action: Fighting or severe misconduct may result in a suspension for the remainder of the season. 

Adherence to these guidelines contributes to a positive team environment and promotes sportsmanship. 

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