Team Rules

Team Rules

1. Team members represent the SISU Thunderbirds Hockey Club, the Center Ice Foundation and

our sponsors on and off the ice. Do not at any time engage in any action/activity that

may embarrass this Team, the organization/foundation or Yourself. Violation of this

rule will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the entire coaching staff.

2. Any player that is found to have in their possession or found to be under the influence

of any illegal substance (marijuana, pills, alcohol, etc.) will be immediately removed

from the activity.

3. While at the rink, players are expected to give their absolute best effort. Players will

exhibit respect and support for their fellow teammates. Players must recognize that the

team comes first, and that its success depends on every player’s contribution and


4. Attendance is MANDATORY. Schoolwork is to be completed on your time, not the

teams, so get it done prior to or after practice. Unless arrangements have been made

with the Head Coach prior to practice, players are expected to be on the ice, prepared

to start practice at the scheduled time. Unless you have an unavoidable circumstance,

you are expected to be there on time.

5. There will be a five-to–ten-minute meeting prior to the first practice of every week. The

purpose of this meeting will be to go over the weekly game plan and to communicate

any other necessary information. Players should be dressed at least to their “bottoms”

prior to the meeting. Players will be provided about five minutes to be completely

dressed and on the ice.

6. All players are expected to maintain good grades at their school. Academics come

before hockey. If a player is struggling in a subject, please reach out to the Head Coach.

The coach can look for a teammate to help the struggling student.

7. Dress code is expected to be followed:

• Games: Players have options: team issued t-shirts, shorts, or warmups. Other

acceptable apparel is SISU Thunderbirds gear or Center Ice


• Pre-Game Stretch: SISU Thunderbirds T-shirt/Sweatshirt, SISU Thunderbirds Shorts/Sweatpants, Tennis Shoes (no

Crocs, slide, flip flops, or dress shoes).

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