Game Day Procedure

game day procedure

(Game Preparation begins immediately upon arrival at the rink.)


Minimum one hour prior – Arrive at rink, prepare sticks, gear, look for lines/pairings/starting

goalies, etc.

45 minutes prior – Team stretches together as a group for about ten minutes.

15 minutes prior – Everybody completely dressed and ready for pre-game meeting and make

sure all water bottles are filled prior to the meeting.


Five starters should be the only players on the ice. Everyone else should be on the bench.

After the handshake line is over, ALL players should immediately return to the bench area and

allow the opponents to leave the ice first.


• We are responsible for each locker room.

• NO throwing of any items (gear, bottles, snow, tape, etc.).

• Be organized in your stall or specific area.

• Double check that you have all personal items before leaving.

• No empty bottles, tape, or trash should be left in the dressing room.

• If, upon entry, the room is not clean, please let the coaches know.

• Last person out should check for trash and/or items left behind.

• No cell phones, except for music. No pictures or videos allowed.

• You are responsible for your bag and gear, NOT your parents/guardians.

• Jerseys should be treated with respect and hung up (not in bags).

• Any other inappropriate behavior should be avoided.

• Report any incidents to coaches immediately.

• Coaches will have a strong presence in the room.

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