Thunderbirds College Prep Announces Signing of Trevor Stanley

Thunderbirds College Prep is thrilled to announce the signing of standout player Trevor Stanley. Stanley, a skilled forward from Allen Park High USHS-MI, has demonstrated exceptional skill and commitment on the ice. In his last two seasons, Stanley has racked up an impressive 53 points in 48 games, showcasing his undeniable scoring touch and ability find the open man on the ice.  

General Manager David Dew expressed his excitement about the signing, stating, "Trevor played a high level of high school hockey and serves as a quick, zippy forward. His scoring touch is undeniable, graduating at a point per game against strong competition." 

The Thunderbirds are confident that Stanley's addition to the team will strengthen their performance in the upcoming season. His experience and proven track record against strong competition will be invaluable to the team.