SISU Thunderbirds College Prep Signs Aiden Ienco

SISU Thunderbirds College Prep is thrilled to announce the signing of Aiden Ienco, a standout player from the 18U AAA Buffalo Regals. Ienco, a gritty power forward known for his speed and skating ability, will be joining the SISU Thunderbirds for the 2024-25 season. 

Ienco's contribution to the 18U AAA Buffalo Regals extended beyond mere statistics. His hard-nosed style of play and unwavering commitment to his team have earned him recognition. Never one to shy away from the corners, Ienco is known for battling hard on every shift and consistently standing up for his teammates. 

General Manager David Dew of SISU Thunderbirds College Prep praised Ienco's attitude and style of play, stating, "He plays a hard-nosed game and is not afraid of the corners. He battles hard on every shift and sticks up for his teammates." Dew further added, "He has an excellent attitude and will help lead this roster into the 2024-25 season." 

The SISU Thunderbirds are excited to welcome Aiden Ienco to the team and look forward to a successful 2024-25 season.