Colin Dorsey-Burdick Joins SISU Thunderbirds College Prep Hockey Team for 2024-25 Season

The SISU Thunderbirds Hockey Club is thrilled to announce the signing of Colin Dorsey-Burdick to their newly formed college prep hockey team. Colin, formerly of the AAA Tri-State Spartans, brings an impressive track record and undeniable talent to the SISU Thunderbirds. 

During his tenure with the AAA Tri-State Spartans, Colin demonstrated exceptional skill on the ice. With 21 goals and 13 assists in 42 games, he proved himself a formidable force. But his journey doesn’t stop there. Colin’s dedication and hard work extended beyond the Spartans, as he spent two prior years playing for the Cincinnati Swords AA/Varsity Prep Team. As team captain, he led by example, contributing a combined 66 goals and 39 points for a total of 105 points in 82 games. 

Standing at an imposing 6’5" and weighing 210 pounds, Colin possesses the physicality necessary for a heavy game. His offensive prowess, combined with his defensive capabilities, makes him a true asset to any team. The SISU Thunderbirds College Prep team eagerly anticipates Colin’s impact on the ice during the 2024-25 season. 

David Dew, General Manager of the SISU Thunderbirds Hockey Club, expressed his enthusiasm: “Colin Dorsey’s signing is a significant moment for our organization. We believe he has the potential to excel at the collegiate level, and we’re committed to nurturing his talent.” 

Head Coach Justin Cohn, known for his dynamic coaching style and deep understanding of the game, is equally excited about Colin’s addition to the roster. “Colin’s versatility and work ethic make him an ideal fit for our team,” Coach Cohn stated. “We look forward to seeing him thrive in the competitive environment of college prep hockey.” 

Stay tuned for updates as the SISU Thunderbirds gear up for an exciting 2024-25 season. Colin Dorsey-Burdick’s journey continues, and the SISU Thunderbirds College Prep team is proud to have him on board.